Advocates ask Allahabad HC for judicial probe into extrajudicial killing


Advocates’ plea says the plot of the killing of criminal Vikas Dubey sounds like a script taken from a Bollywood movie

Two advocates of the Allahabad High Court have written a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of the court, requesting him to take cognizance and direct a judicial probe of the “extra judicial killing” of gangster Vikas Dubey by Uttar Pradesh Police on July 10.

Advocates Bhavya Sahai and Devesh Saxena have alleged in their letter petition that the version, as given by the UP police, appears to be fictional and rather plagiarized from some Bollywood movie script. They have further stated that it is highly unlikely and improbable that a criminal, being in custody of numerous STF officials and in their tight classified security, will try to escape himself while on their way to Kanpur.

The advocates further raised questions on the credibility of the course of events as reported in the media and said that “as per the live coverage of various news channels, the place of occurrence of the entire incident was a highway and the roads were perfectly in good condition, which makes it questionable as to how a vehicle can overturn in such a fashion without the involvement of any third party or force, or as to how any sane person will try to make a daring and reckless attempt to flee from the custody of the police on an open highway, having no substantial place of cover/hideout in the vicinity and also to how he imposed a substantial threat to the police personnel.”

The advocates have further  stated that, the registration of an FIR and an enquiry at the magisterial level is mandated by the Supreme  Court in the case of PUCL v. State of Maharashtra (2014 10 SCC 635). However, about the present incident, it is necessary that the court  must take immediate cognizance of the incident and a judicial probe under the supervision of a sitting judge of the High Court must be ordered in order to ascertain the correct facts of the extra-judicial killing of criminal Vikas Dubey so that the faith of citizens in the Indian judicial system is reaffirmed and restored.

-India Legal Bureau

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