Advocate’s Association Protest Demanding Financial Package For Lawyers


A protest was held by the Advocates Association Bangalore(AAB) in front of Karnataka High Court in Bengaluru today against state government’s neglect in aiding the Advocates financially, and their inaction in announcing a special financial package to Advocates. The Association is demanding a special package of Rs. 50 crores from the government. 

According to the Advocates association the advocates have been really hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with their incomes being affected but the the Karnataka State Bar Council, had not come to the aid of Advocates.  Therefore, they are asking for a special package of Rs. 50 crores from the government to help these advocates financially.

This comes after the The Karnataka High Court last Friday urged the State Bar Council to ensure that advocate’s clerks across the state get financial assistance and help is not only extended to registered clerks working in Bengaluru.

The Advocates Association also during one of its court hearings, had informed the High Court that an amount of Rs 8,98,000 had been collected through donations to provide financial aid to Advocates’ Clerks in need during the prevailing pandemic. A committee was constituted headed by Senior Advocate DLN Rao for collection of funds from the advocates for the benefit of Advocates’ Clerks in need of financial assistance in wake of COVID-19. 

The Advocates Association, Bengaluru (AAB) had informed the court that this committee and the office holders of the Advocates Association have started collecting funds for these Advocates’ clerks. The Court had appreciated that steps were being taken in the right direction, and was informed that the advocates have assured a collection of 2.5 Lakhs, and more efforts are being made to collect more funds.

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