Delhi HC Allows Public Viewing Of Court Proceedings Via VC


The Delhi High Court has permitted the court hearing through video conferencing to be available for public viewing. This has been done to observe and comply with the requirement of an open court proceeding.

The Registrar General Mr. Manoj Jain in the circular has quoted the Delhi High Court Rules for Video conferencing for Courts 2020, stating that to observe the requirement of an open court proceeding, members of public will be allowed to view court proceedings being conducted through video conferencing except proceeding ordered for reasons recorded in writing to be conducted.

The proceedings will be offered for public viewing as long as stability of the system is not disturbed and is consistent with the available bandwidth. The links to the court hearings can be accessed in the following way:

  • All those interested in obtaining links for viewing court hearings will contact the concerned Court Master or court official on their mobile numbers as mentioned in the causelist by 9pm on the day prior to the hearing.
  • On failure to contact the Court Master by 9pm, the interested persons can contact them by 10 am on the day of the hearing.
  • After receiving the video link, the person will have to ensure that the mic is kept on mute mode and the video is kept on switch-off mode while viewing the court proceeding.

-India Legal Bureau

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