Morning Docket: 06.15.20

* A lawyer who claims a sleazy, toupee-wearing criminal in the film The Wolf of Wall Street was based on him has lost his defamation lawsuit. [Business Insurance]

* The New York Attorney General is interviewing Amazon workers in a probe over Amazon’s COVID-19 response. [CNN]

* A Florida lawyer is facing ethics charges over a practice at his firm of telling clients the firm settled cases for less money than was recovered and pocketing the difference. [Daily Business Review]

* A new lawsuit alleges that a Drake University coach told a player who accidentally shot another student in the head to lie to the police. [Des Moines Register]

* An appeals court said the judge overseeing Michael Flynn’s criminal case may have picked an “intemperate” lawyer to write an opinion over the Department of Justice’s decision to drop the case. Those are some fighting words. [Fox News]

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