Morning Docket: 06.17.20

* The former general counsel of the FBI has been hired as an in-house attorney for Twitter. The two workplaces must be just a little different… [New York Post]

* A former lawyer has been found guilty of murdering his wife and throwing her body overboard during a 2006 cruise in the Caribbean. [Lost Angeles Times]

* The Supreme Court halted the execution of a death-row inmate in Texas about one hour before he was set to be executed. [NBC News]

* Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to enforce safety measures at a Trump rally in the city later this week. [Hill]

* A former lawyer who surrendered his law license for stealing from clients and then became a pastor will be allowed to practice law again. That was very Christ-like of the bar examiners… [Bloomberg Law]

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