Morning Docket 06.18.20

* 17 firefighters in Detroit have been sued for taking a picture in front of a burning building. Pretty sure they’re supposed to do more than just take pictures of fires… [Detroit Free Press]

* The Indiana Attorney General has had his law license restored after being suspended from practice for inappropriate behavior toward women. [NWI Times]

* 56 former prosecutors have signed a letter advocating that two lawyers accused of firebombing an NYPD police car be granted bail. [Washington Post]

* The general counsel of the Florida Department of Transportation is being investigated by the Florida Bar after he allegedly admitted to forging signatures on government documents. In the meantime, he’s still keeping his $132,000-a year-job. [Miami Herald]

* A Tennessee attorney has been arrested for allegedly coercing clients to have sex with him in lieu of paying fees. [WJHL News]

* The Illinois Attorney General is recovering well after testing positive for COVID-19. Wishing the attorney general a speedy recovery! [NBC News]

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