Morning Docket: 06.23.20

* Lawyers for the estate of the helicopter pilot accused in a lawsuit of causing the crash that killed Kobe Bryant and others wants the case removed from Los Angeles. Pretty sure people know who Kobe Bryant is outside of LA… [Yahoo Sports]

* Lyft has settled a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice alleging that the ride-sharing service violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. [Tech Crunch]

* The Trump Administration is facing a lawsuit for failing to provide COVID-19 relief money to undocumented families. [Buzzfeed News]

* A lawyer for alt-right figure Richard Spencer has been allowed to withdraw from representing him in a case involving the 2017 Charlottesville violence. [Yahoo News]

* Check out this profile of a top Hollywood lawyer who wheels and deals while walking around 10 miles a day. That’s kind of the opposite of the Lincoln Lawyer… [Wall Street Journal]

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