Morning Docket: 06.25.20

* The Department of Justice has backed a lawsuit against Hawaii over the state’s mandatory quarantine for out-of-state travelers. Maybe DOJ lawyers just really want to visit the Aloha state… [Fox News]

* A South Carolina lawyer has been disbarred for making numerous false and misleading statements on her bar application. [Bloomberg Law]

* A lawyer who walked out on a client during settlement negotiations is on the hook for a $300,000 malpractice verdict. [Legal Newswire]

* The Second Circuit expressed bewilderment while considering the bail request of two lawyers charged with firebombing an NYPD police vehicle during protests last month. [Law360]

* Bayer has agreed to pay $10 billion into a settlement fund to resolve thousands of lawsuits related to the weedkiller Roundup. And Bayer was able to settle the lawsuits without having to pay two plaintiffs’ lawyers a $200 million “consultation” fee. [NBC News]

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