Morning Docket: 06.29.20

* The estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is suing Netflix for its depiction of Sherlock Holmes as a kind and caring sleuth. Wonder if there was ever legal action over Holmes and Watson… [CNN]

* Texas law firms are rethinking reopening plans amid a spike in COVID-19 cases. [Texas Lawyer]

* A disciplinary panel has suggested a two-year suspension for a lawyer who showed “aggressive tactics and relentless vindictiveness” in practicing law. Some clients might like those qualities. [ABA Journal]

* A lawyer claims that he was retaliated against for exposing financial irregularities at a healthcare company. [Dallas Morning News]

* Justin Bieber has filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against women who have accused him of assault. [CNN]

* A Nebraska attorney who accepted cocaine as compensation has been disbarred. He should have just stuck to cash, check, or credit card… [Associated Press]

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