Morning Docket: 07.13.20

* The mayor of Bridgeport, CT, is suing Delta Airlines for being bitten by a dog during a flight. This sounds like a law school civil procedure hypothetical. [USA Today]

* A Utah prosecutor’s office was damaged by protesters after police officers were cleared in a contested shooting. [Salt Lake Tribune]

* Robert De Niro’s lawyer claimed in a proceeding involving De Niro’s ex-wife that COVID-19 has caused the actor to experience financial issues. Guess De Niro can always use Cameo to pick up some extra scratch… [Newser]

* Follow-up steps are being taken after the Supreme Court ruled last week on the availability of President Trump’s financial records. [NBC News]

* Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings are willing to endorse her $5 million bond, according to Maxwell’s lawyers. And I have trouble just getting gas money from my four brothers… [Washington Post]

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