Morning Docket: 07.20.20

* Federal judge Esther Salas’s son was shot and killed, and her husband wounded, during an assault at the judge’s New Jersey home on Sunday night. Extending our deepest condolences to Judge Salas and her family. [CNN]

* The Oregon Attorney General has sued federal agencies over detentions federal officials have conducted on Portland protesters. [USA Today]

* Michael Avenatti’s lawyer claims Avenatti is broke and taxpayers should pay for his defense on fraud, tax evasion, and other charges. Maybe he can just sell Roger Stones like other criminal defendants… [Fox News]

* The Supreme Court has ordered expedited proceedings about the availability of President Trump’s tax returns. [Hill]

* The FBI Director has hired a former law partner to be the new top lawyer at the Bureau. [Wall Street Journal]

* Yet another lawyer has been caught attending a Zoom court conference without wearing enough clothes. All lawyers should read ATL’s earlier coverage of this phenomenon. [Mexico News Daily]

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