Morning Docket: 07.23.20

* A Colorado strip club, which sued over a requirement that strippers stay at least 25 feet from patrons due to COVID-19, has reached an agreement with authorities to stay open. Guess some people think strip clubs are essential businesses… [Business Den]

* A fellow attorney reportedly warned New York bar authorities that the lawyer who is accused of killing the son of a federal judge earlier this week was a danger to himself and others. [New York Post]

* Clint Eastwood has filed litigation against CBD companies alleging that commercials falsely implied he was endorsing their products. [Yahoo News]

* The Alaska Bar has cancelled a conference at which Alan Dershowitz was due to speak, sidestepping the controversial choice of speaker. [Alaska Daily News]

* A judge nixed a $30 million counsel fee related to the settlement of a class action against Yahoo. The lawyers are still getting around $23 million, so they won’t starve… [Reuters]

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