Petition Filed In Bombay HC Against High Electricity Bills


A petition has been filed before the High Court of Bombay Seeking deferment of tariff hikes by electricity supply companies w.e.f. from 01.04.2020 for 2020-21 along with waiver of fixed charge or demand charge for a period of 6 to 9-month.

The petition has been filed by Mahibub D Shaikh, editor of a regional newspaper “Bandhuprem” in Solapur seeking  constitution of a high-level fact-finding committee to probe into the reasons for the sudden upsurge in consumption which might have led to increase in electricity bills in the State other than the rise in tariffs w.e.f 01.4.2020 and recommend  corrective steps which may benefit the consumers  and to ensure that the consumers are not burdened to pay any amount towards  unrealistically high power bills.

The petitioner has submitted that amidst the lockdown, where people from private sector have lost their livelihood and the small businesses are trying hard to keep their business afloat, the State has revised the tariff and increased the rates which have affected the middle class and lower class consumers. Hence, the petitioner has submitted that amid such extraordinary times faced by the citizens, common man and small businesses will not be able to bear the additional burden of revised tariffs and the inflated electricity bills.

The petitioner has stated that he had received information from various people in Maharashtra that despite the fact that due to the lockdown their shops were closed, they have received exorbitant electricity bills in the month of June.

The petitioner has submitted that the decision of the State to implement  higher charges in the midst of the pandemic and lockdown does not benefit to the consumers in any manner particularly most of the citizens have been facing several difficulties due to the imposition of lockdown. The aforesaid rise in tariff is thus “arbitrary, unreasonable and detrimental to the interest of several lakhs of the citizens who are suffering from the pandemic induced lockdown.”

It has further been submitted that “the direction to the Respondents to defer or to calculate the bill based upon the previous rates may result into certain financial losses to the State government, however, it is submitted that the larger public interest has to be seen which in the present case is removing the already existing financial burden on the consumers who have already lost their jobs or who are facing serious financial issues to earn for their livelihood or whose businesses have been shut because of the lockdown.”

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