Plea In Supreme Court To Frame Policy Prohibiting Consumption Of Liquor


A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking directions to the Centre to frame effective policy to prohibit the consumption, except for medical purposes, of intoxicating drinks and drugs which are injurious to health, in spirit of Article 47 read with Article 21, 38, 39, 46, and 51A of the Constitution of India.

Petitioner also seeks introduction of an effective health warning that covers at least 50% of liquor bottles/ containers on both sides and print intoxicating drinks related health hazards on it in Hindi and English languages.

The petition is filed by Advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay who submits, “Liquor and other intoxicating drinks have very deteriorating effect on the health of citizens. It destroys liver and weakens immune system. Researches confirm that a person with weaker immunity has higher chance of succumbing to Corona Virus Disease (COVID). Consumption of liquor and intoxicating drinks increases the risk of injury, domestic violence, crime against women and alcohol poisoning. Liquor consumption during COVID pandemic, is exacerbating health vulnerability, risk-taking behaviours, mental health issues, violence.”

The plea seeks further directions;

  • Ban on the advertisement of intoxicating drinks and start a campaign to educate people about the health hazards due to consumption of intoxicating drinks through electronic, print and social media;
  • Insert a chapter on health hazards of intoxicating drinks in syllabus of primary classes in spirit of right to health & education guaranteed under Articles 21 and 21A of the Constitution of India;

-India Legal Bureau

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