Retirement Is For Quitters — See Also

Kathryn Rubino made a Lebowski joke in yesterday’s See Also and it’s inspired me to keep going with my all Lebowski rundowns from Monday.

Strong Men Also Cry, Strong Men Also Cry: Thomas and Alito allegedly considering retirement and prepare to disappoint a lot of Trump officials hoping for another vacancy.

Well, Okay, You’re Not Privy To All The New Shit: The state bar examiners may not be following the news, but there’s an upsurge in COVID cases and they’re going to go ahead with July bar exams anyway.

And Proud We Are Of All Of Them: Pepper Hamilton and Troutman Sanders completed their merger.

This Is What Happens, Larry: Some people are very, very angry about our coverage of the St. Louis gun couple. Enjoy our hate mail!

You Are Entering A World Of Pain: Biglaw partner quits because, well, Biglaw.

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