Supreme Court Dismisses Plea Against Its Registry With Cost


The Supreme Court today dismissed the petition filed by Advocate Reepak Kansal seeking direction to the Registry not to discriminate, humiliate the litigants and to give equal treatment to all litigants by avoiding Pick and Choose Policy as adopted by the Registry and its Section Officers.

The bench presided by Justice Arun Mishra while dictating the order on the phone call further imposed a cost of Rs 100 on Kansal.

The bench had on June 19 reserved its order on the petition.

The petitioner had alleged that the Section Officers of the Registry give preference to some law firms and influential advocates for reasons best known to them.

The petitioner had highlighted in his petition instances where the Registry and its sections Officers immediately cleared and listed non categorized cases in late hours without pointing out defects and following procedure as per notification.

The petitioner had further alleged that the Registry and its Section Officers take several days to check and point out the defects if it is filed by an ordinary petitioner or lawyer, however they list  the cases within few minutes by ignoring the defects and procedure if, it is filed by any influential lawyer or petitioner.

It had further alleged that the registry has harassed the petitioner by demanding excess fee and charges and pointing out unnecessary and false defects with an intention to delay the cases and has also illegally de-tagged the matter by ignoring the direction of the Supreme Court.

Seeing the disparity and discrimination on the part of Registry, the petitioner made a complaint to Secretary General of the Supreme Court against the illegal activities of Registry, however the Registry did not respond to the Secretary Generals notice.

The petitioner being member of SCBA, also requested to Secretary /executive members of SCBA against the Registry for not listing the said Writ Petition. Seeing partiality in the part of Registry, the SCBA drafted a Resolution against the illegal activities and discrimination in part of Registry which is still pending.

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