This International Criminal Justice Day let’s pledge for a rape-free India


“InJustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere”– Martin Luthar King Jr.

Making the day of International Criminal Justice Day as a mark to pledge for a rape free India, #DNAFightsRape. The initiative calls up the attention of the country leaders to set 1 year as a target to make India Free from Rape.

Unprecedentedly for the very first time, several prominent voices across the civil societies have come together demanding the leaders to take steps towards DNA evidence in a rape investigation.

Senior Advocate Mr. Ashok Bhan standing in solidarity with the initiative said, “Successive governments have always assured the citizens that we hope to make Rape Free India in conformity with our rich & proud civilization.”

“Country is being shown the dreams of an INDIA that brims with confidence and national pride, a country that is digital, cashless, and clean. But, these dreams are mere illusions without having a Rape Free India.”, Mr. Bhan added.

Mr. Bhan said, “In this day and enlightened time every woman and child of this country need to feel safe first, on the streets, at home, in schools and public transport, and to speak up, without the fear of being assaulted, harassed or raped. So let us the Citizens pledge on this day of international criminal justice day to contribute our best efforts to make our country -Rape free and safe for our women & Children.”

-India Legal Bureau

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